What is DELTA?

DELTA is a collection of university-based paleontological research groups who have entered into a alliance for the purpose of (i.) enhancing the training of paleontology graduate students by providing resources for travel between China, the UK and Europe, (ii.) facilitating access to advanced education and training opportunities led to internationally recognized specialists in a wide variety of paleontological/paleobiological research areas, and (iii.) encouraging the conceptualization, development and delivery of cutting-edge research initiatives that capitalize on the expertise and resources officered by DELTA-member institutions.

Upcoming DELTA Events


DELTA Steering Group

Junxuan Fan, Nanjing University
Yukun Shi, Nanjing University
Hugo Bucher, University of Zürich
Michael Benton, University of Bristol
Roger Benson, Oxford University
Erin E. Saupe, Oxford University
Graham Shields, University College London
Paul Upchurch, University College London
Philip Mannion, University College London

Banner image by Anonymous from "Dinosaur Skeleton Wallpapers".